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Have some urban logistics projects been halted by the crisis?

Livraison urbaine sur Paris

On the contrary, the Operational Innovations Mission (OIM), created within HAROPA 5 years ago, continued to be busy during lockdown, with companies willing to test urban delivery solutions by water.

The OIM acts as a solution assembler by connecting the various players required for operational assembly: shippers, logisticians, river carriers, handlers and infrastructure managers. This also helps support all initiatives carried out by river carriers in the development of self-unloading boats, which means no handling tools are required on the docks, providing great logistical flexibility.

Currently, 10 files are being studied at the OIM. The areas of activity concern e-commerce, showrooms, services dedicated to the city (mobility, waste management etc.). From experience, we know that this type of project has a long gestation (2 to 3 years on average), but we hope to start implementing the experimental phases in the second quarter of 2020.