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The paper industry: a sector in great demand

paperThe paper industry, an essential sector

During these troubled times of health and economic crisis, some French paper mills were forced to stop production during the lockdown period as early as 15 March. Others, on the other hand, have been operating at full throttle.

Within this context, COPACEL (French Union of Paper, Cardboard and Cellulose Industries) has constantly raised awareness among the public authorities and insisted that their sector be recognised as essential to the security and continuity of the country’s economic and social life. There were three reasons for this request. Read more...


Every week under this heading you will find several key service indicators and operational solutions for the Seine Axis. Read more...


"What have been the consequences of the crisis for African ports?"

Disrupted yet functional ports

afriqueAfrica, the last continent affected by Covid-19, was able to react very quickly by bringing in physical protection measures. Overall, maritime traffic remained stable during the crisis, with an actual increase in food flows. The ports, whose objective was to ensure operational continuity of services, remained functional.

Within this context, however, African ports still suffered some disruption. Health measures, such as crew control, limited time to carry out customs formalities, curfews in some countries and social distancing measures at terminals have not helped the smooth flow of goods at ports.

However, these operational difficulties have been different from country to country and are not all attributable to the health crisis. The crisis has sometimes highlighted chronic pre-existing issues in some African ports, such as the terminals in the port of Abidjan, which regularly suffer from congestion during the annual cocoa export campaign. Read more...



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