Newsletter #1 - Mai 2020 - Headlines


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Business information, watch and analysis

The starting point for the creation of PUSH was the following observation of fact: the present public health crisis has placed major stress on logistics chains for three main reasons. First, the lack of forward visibility on the speed at which demand will return in the various sectors; next, the deterioration in transport supply, on both sea and land, and lastly, numerous unforeseen factors such as cancellations and postponements of port calls.

Logistics chains are also coming up against numerous practical difficulties: the ability to obtain supply of certain types of container (empty food grade or reefer, for example), the identification of storage solutions at terminals or in Seine Axis warehousing, access to certain key information (on the situation for services originating in Asia, the operation of international ports, ongoing developments in certain markets, and so on). 

Given  these “new” challenges, it seemed to us to be imperative to make changes to our working methods with the creation of an agile, proactive commercial programme: PUSH.

Our primary objective is to provide you with more effective support by helping you find practical, customised solutions to meet your requirements, as well as by providing detailed information on HAROPA’s overall service offering. Together, we will take advantage of the “logistics disruptions” generated by the health crisis to work with all our partners to improve the fundamentals of our competitive performance, capture new goods flows and welcome into our organisation those international customers wishing to relocate part of their activities to our ports and prepare for tomorrow’s world.