Newsletter #1 - Mai 2020 - Headlines


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PUSH: the tools available to you

PUSH is above all a single number and a single email address for your questions plus a commitment to respond within 48 hours:
Contact us on + 33 (0)2 32 74 72 06 or at push@haropaports.com

PUSH is also:

  • Logistics solutions tailor-made for you on request
  • An operations dashboard covering maritime, logistics and multimodal services, to be published weekly
  • A watch on movements in freight rate indicators
  • A watch on shipping line activities (services actually provided, blank sailings, space availability, etc.)
  • A watch on specific sectors (automotive, agrifood e-commerce, construction & public works, etc.
  • A European and international watch service
  • Alongside the above, the working groups in our member ports will continue to look at how to strengthen the conditions for the attractiveness of our services
  • Commercial measures applied across each member port
  • Regular scheduled meetings: a “Morning Talk” in which we will answer in video messages frequently asked questions, plus a weekly newsletter