Newsletter #1 - Mai 2020 - Edito


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Providing not only a business information centre across all sectors, a constant watch on provision of multimodal maritime port services, specific support for efforts to define logistics solutions and dedicated services, in addition to market analysis, PUSH (French acronym for “Unified HAROPA Support Programme”) will enable identification of your needs and support for your business thanks to our network of experts, both in-house and based near the major international business areas. They will guide you in your search for customised solutions and will answer all your questions.
Effective information management, reactivity, an ability to analyse the economic upheavals caused by the present crisis, identification of opportunities, plus commercial measures, will be valuable resources in the new combat that lies ahead for us. That is for that that PUSH has been set up. By focusing our efforts to plan ahead for the next phase, I am convinced that, working together, we will succeed in building the conditions necessary for a return to growth.

Laurent FOLOPPESales & Marketing Director