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“Blank sailings” are cancellations of a rotation by one (or more) vessel(s) as determined by all the members of a consortium in order to adjust the transport offering to match major reductions in market demand. Such reductions may be foreseeable for seasonal reasons (e.g. the Chinese New Year holiday period) or a consequence of a long-lasting, unforeseeable phenomenon (e.g. Covid-19).

this rate is calculated on the number of commercial stops made, whether or not the vessel is in its weekly window.

Shanghai Export Containerised Freight Index (SCFI) Shanghai / Northern Europe WB indicator: the SCFI is a benchmark indicator that’s calculated using data from 22 leading international shipping companies and a panel of 26 Chinese companies, shippers and transport commissionaires. This data relates only to CIF, CY CY flows from Shanghai for containerised general cargo. The indicator includes sea freight (spot rate) with associated surcharges depending on the trades.

This rate represents the percentage of rotations made in relation to the total weekly service number offered by HAROPA.

This rate represents the percentage of trains that have run each week compared to the total number of weekly services offered by HAROPA (66 returns per week).

This rate was calculated from a survey conducted among a representative panel of 26 companies representing more than one million square meters of storage space on the Seine axis (dry warehouses).