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And what about ferry and cruise traffic, which has been totally shut down since 15 March?

Passenger traffic, like air travel, is paying a heavy price due to the health crisis.

Ferry connections between France and the United Kingdom have been limited to the bare minimum during the entire lockdown period, with just a few lines remaining active for freight transport. Since 29 June, and despite the quarantine applied by the United Kingdom to anyone entering its territory, services are gradually resuming, restricting loads to comply with health constraints. In Le Havre, it was on 13 July that we welcomed the return of Brittany Ferries’ Connemara for 3 departures per week, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer season.

Sea and river cruise stopovers, following a ministerial decree of 14 March, were no longer allowed in French ports. The lifting of the state of health emergency by the government on 10 July allowed the return of maritime cruises to the port of Le Havre with the first stopover by the Dumont D'Urville on 11 July: the company Le Ponant plans 13 departures between 11 July and 26 September to discover the Normandy and Brittany coast. And river cruises can also once again follow the Seine’s meandering course.


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